Melbourne is the third best student city in the world according to the QS Best Student Cities 2018 ranking. Victoria’s capital has leapfrogged Paris and Montreal to move up two spots on last year’s ranking, and now sits behind only London and Tokyo.

Melbourne has also maintained its rank as Australia’s best student city for the fourth year in a row with Sydney ranked ninth, Brisbane 21st, Canberra 22nd and Perth 39th.

“Melbourne remains Australia’s best student city, reinforcing the fact that Victoria offers international students a wide ranging and exciting experience. Students from around the world are choosing to study in Victoria because of our premium higher education and research institutions, our strong focus on student wellbeing and our inclusive multicultural society.”

Minister for Trade and Investment Philip Dalidakis

The climb up the rankings is due to high praise from current and former students, including international students, which forms one of the six indicator categories. The other five being desirability, affordability, student mix, university rankings and employer activity.

Melbourne consistently ranks at the top of the ‘student mix’ category, reflecting our strong multi-cultural society and consistent growth in international student numbers.

High scores in other categories reflect Melbourne’s status as Australia’s cultural capital and the world’s most liveable city.

Melbourne provides students with rich and varied experiences – from the beautiful beaches and natural wonders that lie a short drive from the CBD, to a plethora of sporting events, arts, music, comedy, film, and multicultural festivals.

A high score for ‘desirability’, a category encompassing student safety, reflects the investment the Andrews Labor Government has made in the wellbeing of international students.

The Labor Government’s four year International Student Welfare Program has funded more than 45 projects dedicated to student wellbeing, experience, integration and safety since 2016.

Victoria’s international education sector is flourishing – in 2018 more than 200,000 students from over 170 countries have come here to study.

Last financial year the sector generated $9.1 billion in onshore revenue, making it the state’s largest services export industry and supporting more than 58,000 local jobs.

The top 100 Student Cities in the world

2 Tokyo
3 Melbourne
4 Montreal
5 Paris
6 Munich
7 Berlin
8 Zurich
9 Sydney
10 Seoul
11 Vienna
12 Hong Kong
13 Boston
13 Toronto
15 Singapore
16 Edinburgh
17 Vancouver
18 New York
19 Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe
20 Taipei
21 Brisbane
22 Canberra
23 Auckland
24 Manchester
25 Buenos Aires
26 Beijing
27 Amsterdam
28 Moscow
29 Shanghai
30 Prague
31 Barcelona
32 Madrid
33 Stockholm
34 Dublin
35 Los Angeles
36 Milan
37 Kuala Lumpur
38 San Francisco
39 Perth
40 Chicago
41 Adelaide
42 Lyon
43 Glasgow
44 Coventry
45 Copenhagen
46 Ottawa
47 Nottingham
48 Brussels
49 Budapest
50 Lisbon
51 Birmingham
52 Mexico City
53 Warsaw
54 Bangkok
55 Aberdeen
56 Newcastle Upon Tyne
57 Gothenburg
58 Philadelphia
58 Stuttgart
60 Washington DC
61 Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman
62 Atlanta
63 Brno
63 Santiago
65 Oslo
66 Rome
67 Istanbul
68 Pittsburgh
69 Christchurch
70 Sao Paulo
71 Cape Town
72 Riyadh
73 Hsinchu
74 Tomsk
75 Helsinki
76 Athens
76 St. Petersburg
78 Toulouse
79 Johannesburg
80 San Diego
81 Bogota
82 Ankara
83 Monterrey
84 Vilnius
85 Graz
86 Daejeon
87 Gold Coast
88 Nanjing
88 Quebec
90 Balti
90 Valencia
92 Brighton
92 Nagoya
94 Cairo
95 Manila
96 Novosibirsk
97 Houston
97 Montpellier
99 Mumbai
100 Miami