My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Public Transport, the Honourable Jacinta Allan. The issue of Southland railway station has been on the political landscape for a number of decades, under many different governments of both political persuasions. In the lead-up to the 2010 election the then Brumby government committed a significant amount of money to the construction of the station and the then opposition committed a small amount of money to it. Subsequently Mr Baillieu was elected as Premier —

Mr Davis — On a point of order, President, I am just drawing the member’s attention to the fact that he has made a statement which I know to be incorrect.

The PRESIDENT — Order! That is a matter of debate. Mr Davis has the chance in other forums of the house to correct the member if he thinks he is wrong. I ask the member to continue, without assistance.

Mr DALIDAKIS — A minor amount was committed by the then Premier, Mr Baillieu, but after four years that station was not built. In the lead-up to the last election, the Andrews-led opposition again committed to building that station, and for the community’s sake it finally looks like it is going to be delivered, as I said, after a number of decades. The Minister for Public Transport should be congratulated on undertaking a degree of community consultation in relation to Southland station to ensure that basic facilities — for example, toilets — will be included in the project.

When the new station at Southland opens, it is forecast to become one of the busiest stations on the Frankston line. The new station will provide direct and safe access to Southland for shoppers and staff, as well as improving public transport access for the local community. The term ‘destination station’ has been used in consultations to help explain that the majority of people using the station will be travelling to and from the shopping centre. Some members of the local community have questioned whether the station will be open beyond Southland’s normal operating hours if the main role of the station is to facilitate access to the shopping centre. Other members of the community have expressed concerns that the nearby Sir William Fry Reserve might be used for car parking. As such, my adjournment matter for the minister is to ask whether she can provide an assurance that the reserve will not be used for commuter car parking and a commitment that the station will remain open outside shopping centre hours for use by the local community.